Soft-bodied Robots:
Re-shaping the
Future of Mobility

Deform, Climb, Carry Anything

Will robots be able to work in our houses and climb stairs, even ones they are unfamiliar with? Despite many efforts in the field of conventional robotics, adapting to these uncertainties remains a challenge. To tackle this problem, we sought a solution in nature, where we encountered the Amoeba.

Amoeba deforms its soft body to adjust and survive in a wide variety of environments. Inspired by the Amoeba, we have developed the first ever robot to climb up the stairs utilizing the softness of itself. They climb stairs and carry the loads, even through the most unknown of environments. Us Amoeba Energy will re-shape the future of mobility with the soft-bodied robots.


From your home to the rest of the world, to the Front Line of Mobility

How can robots be integrated into our lives? They will need to adapt to the versatile and varied environments we live in. They might also help make us feel safe and comfortable both mentally and physically. We believe that the answer could just be "Being Soft".

Through the creation of soft-bodied robots, we aim to revolutionize the "Last Mile" of the logistics, where robot-human collaboration is essential.

In the logistics industry as the labor force shrinks, our products will carry luggage from public spaces to living spaces, overcoming any obstacles along the way.

From your home to the rest of the world, from the world to your home, we aim to lead the way in logistics with our technology.

As the first step towards our goal, we will launch our first product “Amoeba GO-1” into your homes. You can have it play around your house, or ask it to carry heavy luggage up and down the stairs for you. We will deliver this new concept of soft-bodied robots, not from an industrial perspective, but from the consumers' perspective.


Re-shaping Mobility,
Re-shaping Robotics

We are always seeking new talent to work together with us to build products that will push the boundaries of what robots can do.