CEO: Masashi Aono
Company Name: Amoeba Energy Co., Ltd.
Location: Room 201, SFC-IV, 4489-105, Endo, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, 252-0816, Japan
Date of Establishment: January 11th, 2018
Members: 7 (Including part time)
Capital: 100,000,000 JPY


1. Take train to Shonandai Station (Odakyu-Enoshima Line, Sotetsu-Sagamino Line, Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line)
2. Take Exit B of Shonandai Station
3. Take a Kanachu Bus towards "Keio Daigaku" (bus numbers 湘23, 湘24, 湘25) from bus stop 1 (15-20 min.)
4. Get off at "Keio Daigaku" station
5. Walk across the road towards Shonan Kei-iku Hospital, and SFC-IV will appear on your right



Masashi AONO

Associate Professor, Keio University

His central research interest has been the information processing mechanisms of biological systems that adapt to dynamic and versatile environments, ever since his undergraduate days in Keio University, Japan. After receiving his PhD from Kobe University in 2004, he has advanced his unique study on the development of amoeba-inspired computers, working consecutively as a researcher at RIKEN, Earth-Life Science Institute at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and JST PRESTO. For this innovative work, he received the Young Scientists' Prize from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. He has been serving as a tenured associate professor at Keio University since 2017. His strong passion to accelerate the implementation of his own amoeba-inspired computing technologies to control soft robots motivated him to establish Amoeba Energy in 2018.

Co-Founder / CTO


Received the Master's degree from Keio University in 2018, where he studied soft robotics, cyber-physical systems, and human-machine interactions. In 2015, he was approved for an IPA's MITOU program as one of the next generation IT innovation leaders of Japan. Prof. Rolf Pfeifer’s vision on robotics, “intelligence requires bodies,” has encouraged him to create novel bio-inspired robots. Then he developed an amoeba-inspired robot that moves through deformation of its own body. This work received a high reputation when presented at IROS, a renowned international conference on robotics. In 2018, he met Aono, who shared common research interests in the dynamics of the amoeba, which motivated him to establish Amoeba Energy as a co-founder.

Co-Founder / Chief Engineer


He majored in control theory at Keio University. There he was inspired by the concept of “morphological computation”, which explores relations between the robust locomotion of animals and their morphologies. To follow his interest, he studied robotics and machine learning in Carnegie Mellon University. His work on the development of a spherical robot with his own amoeba-inspired control technique was featured by international science media including IEEE Spectrum and Gizmodo. After coming back to Japan, he met with Aono and co-founded Amoeba Energy with his desire to create soft robots having bio-inspired intelligence.


Technical Advisor

Ryuma Niyama

Lecturer, The University of Tokyo

He is a lecturer at Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. His research themes include Soft Robotics.



Creative Direction


Re-shaping Mobility,
Re-shaping Robotics

We are always seeking new talent to work together with us to build products that will push the boundaries of what robots can do.