"Mobilize Everything"
with Us

It has been a while since IT became part of the infrastructure of our lives. However, physical objects are being left behind by the increasing speed of the digital world. Our mission, to "Mobilize Everything", is a manifest to create a world where every physical object moves as freely as digital data do.

In this day and age of AI, an enormous amount of data is processed and utilized everywhere. The automation of our intellectual work is, and will continue to be, a trend of our age. However, the technologies to replace the physical work of moving around objects are not yet here.

We at AMOEBA ENERGY envision a world where physical objects can move around as freely as digital data can. Our soft robots will carry objects through versatile environments, giving them the ability to move around much more freely. No matter how rapidly the technologies develop, we should be the one to "make it move," not the ones being moved. AMOEBA ENERGY is working toward such a dynamic world.


Application Requirements

Softness can turn robotic "impossibility" into "possibility." We at AMOEBA ENERGY have a burning passion to be the first company to prove this.

We seek members to join us on our journey to redefine the very concept of the robot. For those looking for a place to assemble their passion, talent, and ideas into world-changing products, our doors are wide open.